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  • We strive to create a welcoming shopping experience for our customers.
  • The company aims to provide customers with a diverse and unique selection of crafts and supplies.
  • The company prides itself on the quality of products we retail, exceptional customer service, and fostering a positive shopping experience.

About Us

CraftSupplyShop is a retail craft supply shop in Lagos, Nigeria that offers a wide selection of high-quality craft supplies and materials, ranging from basic essentials to unique and hard-to-find items for her customers. CraftSupplyShop was born out of the local demand for high-quality crafting materials that were not readily available. Most people had to shop and ship items from abroad. At CapCraftShop, we were frequently approached by local crafters who inquired about purchasing the materials we used for our exquisite toppers and crafts. However, we regretfully informed them that these materials were exclusively for personal use. Over time, we realized the untapped potential and decided to take the plunge into the world of retail, offering glitter cardstock and essential tools in the earlier stage of the business. In March 2021, our journey as a dedicated craft supplies retailer began in earnest.

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all craft supply needs. Our goal is to cater to both the professional artist or crafter and the hobbyist by offering a diverse range of products at competitive prices. Additionally, the company also sells custom handmade crafts and products made by CapCraftShop. The company is dedicated to continuously expanding and updating its product selection to meet the changing demands of the craft industry and to support the local creative community.

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