15mm Needle Tip 50ml Bottle + Funnel

15mm Needle Tip 50ml Bottle + Funnel

Precision Needle Tip Glue Bottle Applicator


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Bottle + Funnel.
Volume of bottle: 50ml.

Empty Applicator Glue Oil Squeeze Bottle is great for Paper Quilling, DIY Craft, aint, Glue, Oil, Glaze, Liquids, etc.
The translucent soft flexible PE plastic bottle is easy to squeeze, and used for paper craft, handicraft and other projects that require small drops.
Easily focus to dropper.
It’s precision tip is made of rust proof metal, the little tip covers do a good job of preventing the liquid leaking out and dry up.

MULTI USE: The bottle can be filled with glue, glaze, paint, inks and much more. Smaller bottle is great for projects that require more precise lines or smaller amounts, also kid-friendly for little hands.
Can also be used as oiler bottle to do some repair work for clocks, door locks, bikes, sewing machines, etc.

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