Glue & Residue Eraser

Glue & Residue Eraser

Adhesive Remover | Glue remover | Rubber Eraser


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It’s easy to undo glue with this eraser.
Made of natural rubber material. Our glue residue eraser has capacity to remove adhesives and residues from paper, plastic and other surfaces.
It does not break, very flexible and lightweight to use and store.
It is durable, reusable, and can serve you for a long time.
Great to remove most adhesive residues, ideal for home and school projects, skateboard cleaner, skateboard shoes and sanding discs, paper crafts and card making, suitable for most artists or craftspeople, for office, school projects, scrapbooking, card making and more.
Non-toxic and acid free.

How to Use: Works like regular erasers.
To help you clean glue or other residues, just wipe the paper or plastic surface back and forth with light force. You can also be apply some soap water or detergents to strengthen cleaning effect on certain surfaces.

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